UMVIM Awareness Sunday Resources

UMVIM Awareness Sunday was approved by the General Conference in 2016 and should be celebrated by each United Methodist Church.  We recommend celebrating it on the 3rd Sunday in October in alignment with Laity Sunday, since UMVIM is one of the most vibrant lay ministries in the UMC connection.  Let your laity tell the story of what they are doing in mission and so inspire others to join in putting "Christian Love in Action."  

Offerings are optional.  Any offerings taken for UMVIM Awareness Sunday shall go to the Annual Conference budget for UMVIM.  This will support UMVIM teams and projects from your area with scholarships, trainings, and more.  Offerings made through the Advance for UMVIM-NEJ (#982760) will be re-directed to the Annual Conference UMVIM budgets.